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What is FipZip?


FipZip is a free product information database and Product Marketing tool for almost all categories of products. Below are some features of FipZip –

1) A dedicated channel for companies to feature its products to millions of buyers in form of company page on FipZip, which lets buyer see all product manufactured by any company at one place.

2) Opportunity to get featured amongst notably famous products with fair and equal chance to stand out and grow.

3) Effortless product marketing through an unbiased platform with visibility to thousands of people on FipZip, FipZip Social Pages and FipZip downstream systems, without spending any money.

4) Start-ups with zero marketing budgets can spend more on product development instead of advertising and marketing.

6) Product encyclopaedia for all categories. It helps buyers or readers to receive Official information from creator without needing to spend time in extracting information from different internet pages.

FipZip team is determined to address more issues faced by start-ups and companies to launch and publicize the products.


How it works?

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